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Applications may be mailed to: P.O. Box 1928, San Marcos, TX 78667

Membership Renewals

for 2019 

Political advertising paid for by Hays County Republican Women-PAC; PO Box 1928, San Marcos, TX 78667. HCRW is a non-profit organization under Section 527 of the IRS Code. Contributions are NOT deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Corporate contributions are not permitted. Not authorized by any candidate or committee.


P.O. Box 1928

San Marcos, texas 78667

Republican Women Blazing a Trail

Our shared vision is to be the most influential Republican women’s club of

The Texas Federation of Republican Women.

​Our mission is to encourage women to seek leadership opportunities, provide a platform to share our message and support the

Hays County Republican Party in keeping Hays County and Texas Red. 

President's Welcome

Welcome to 2019 and the Hays County Republican Women’s club.!

We hope you'll join our board as one of many Republican Women Blazing a Trail  to build a strong foundation that will make Hays red.  The Hays County Republican Women’s club promotes camaraderie and conservative values while defending the principles on which our Republic was founded. We support conservative candidates for office -- especially women.  Our 2019 goals are to continue club growth, reach out to the community, and prepare for elections in 2020. 

Hays County offers diverse meeting locations, so we'll continue to host meetings and socials throughout the area. At least one of the meetings will be near you!  We hope you'll join us for as many meetings as possible, so look for dates, times, and locations well in advance of each meeting date.  Come hear informative and inspiring speakers, enjoy remarkable programs, and renew your enthusiasm for blazing a trail in Hays County. 

Again, welcome!  We're looking forward to  an enjoyable year of networking and building connections in a positive environment with professional and enthusiastic women like yourself.

Board Members:

President, Debi Christensen                            Past President, Sylvia Muzzy
Vice President, Tacie Zelhart                          Legislative Chair, Martha Doss
Treasurer, Britney Richey                                Political Campaign Activities Chair, Kelli Whigham
Secretary,                                                                Membership Chair, Beverly Crumley