Types of Membership:

  • Voting Member - a Republican woman that pays to be a member of HCRW as your primary club; you may vote as an active member; may hold office; your name will be submitted to TFRW
  • Associate Member ​- a Republican woman who is a regular member of a federated local club and wishes to support HCRW; cannot hold office or vote
  • Associate Male ​- Republican men that wish to support HCRW; cannot vote or hold office
  • ​Young Affiliate ​- a young teenage woman, age 13 - 17, who wishes to be affiliated with the HCRW club; cannot vote or hold office; will not be reported to TFRW


Become a Member

After submitting your form, please use the Donate button to pay your dues.


P.O. Box 1928

San Marcos, texas 78667