P.O. Box 1928

San Marcos, texas 78667

MEET Our 2019 Board Members

President                                                      Debi Christensen     

Vice President                                             Tacie Zelhart

PAC Treasurer                                             Britney Richey


Past President                                             Sylvia Muzzy

Political Campaign Activities Chair        Kelli Whigham    

Membership Chair                                     Beverly Crumley

Legislative Chair                                         Martha Doss   

We are the Hays County Republican Women's CLUB

Become a Member

Types of Membership:

  • Voting Member - a Republican woman that pays to be a member of HCRW as your primary club; you may vote as an active member; may hold office; your name will be submitted to TFRW
  • Associate Member ​- a Republican woman who is a regular member of a federated local club and wishes to support HCRW; cannot hold office or vote
  • Associate Male ​- Republican men that wish to support HCRW; cannot vote or hold office
  • ​Young Affiliate ​- a young teenage woman, age 13 - 17, who wishes to be affiliated with the HCRW club; cannot vote or hold office; will not be reported to TFRW

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